Delaware Rockets Baseball

The Delaware Rockets are a 503(c) non profit travel baseball organization that is dedicated to developing highly skilled youth baseball players into winners on the field as well as off the field. As an organization, we pride ourselves on integrity, friendships, and being highly organized. As teams, we pride ourselves on focusing on baseball fundamentals, fitness, confidence, character, and most of all creating lasting player friendships through teamwork. Additionally, we strive to place players in highly competitive tournaments while maintaining low costs.


8U Rockets Spring 2016 Tryout:

Saturday October 22nd, 10am

Tryout is at Weiss Park, Bear DE 

*Please bring birth certificate to tryout

Please contact Charlie Fleming at for more information  


The goal of the Delaware Rockets Travel Baseball teams is to help further develop players and bring their baseball skills to the next level. We expect players to:

✓ be a LEADER – Taking charge of a situation under pressure… Staying calm and handling success and failure in stride and with class.

✓ be a SPORTSMAN – Showing enthusiasm, spirit and courage all the time… taking advice and criticism in an effort to improve… being humble and gracious both on and off the field… respecting your opponent in both victory and defeat

✓ be a COMPETITOR – Possessing a desire to win… having pride in yourself and never give up… getting up one more time than you are knocked down… striving to be the best you can be.

✓ be AGGRESSIVE – Stepping to the plate determined to hit the ball hard…hustling all the time, wanting to be # 1… playing with concentration, passion and intensity… always giving maximum effort.

✓ be DEDICATED – Being well conditioned through proper training work… making every practice and working hard every play… reducing mental errors by knowing what do before the play happens… disciplining yourself to follow team rules and guidelines

✓ be LOYAL – Thinking in terms of “we” instead of “I”… sacrificing for the good of the team… respecting the organization and your teammates, helping a teammate through a tough situation…

✓ be a KID – Have fun, enjoy the experience, love the game… Never lose sight that this is a game and we all play this because we love it and want to get an enjoyable experience by playing baseball.

Sponsorship Levels

Grand Slam -$1000 (top website advertisement with link to  your organization, team photo, spot on team banner, public announcement/recognition at any/all Rockets sponsored events /tournaments, referrals to business)

Home Run -$500 (website advertisement with link, spot on team banner, team photo,  distribution of business cards at public events.)

Double Play -$250 (website advertisement with link, team photo)

Single – Any monetary donation under $250

If interested in sponsoring, please email us at

*All sponsorships are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

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